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Whether customizing for yourself or as a gift for someone, we welcome all custom requests. 

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Carolina Moon is best known for her mixed medium manipulation of inks and paints which allows her to choreograph designs in layers of resin adding depth and a 3D visual effect. She adds organic elements, crystals, recycled metal and glass making her work truly unique and customizable.

Her abstract pieces create a longing that will make you want to walk inside each piece with a desire to really dive deep into the spiritual journey that led her to each finished work of art. Carolina explains that in all the years of working with different mediums her desire to mix them together became a passion.  “Some of my best are born from pushing away the boundaries and discovering what comes next. I just let it flow.”  

Carolina Moon is a one of a kind artist utilizing all the tools of a medium artist but mixed in her own way making every piece especially unique.


Featured Piece of The Week

“DUALITY” (48” x 24”)
"This piece is the first piece that I have created since my big move to Seattle a couple of months ago. It holds great meaning to me because it represents my journey from my old life in California to my new life here and the combination of the two that have created a solid foundation for this time of reinvention."
- Carolina Moon


Seattle, WA




Seattle, WA

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