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Psychic Medium & Energy Artist Specializing in Psychic Tarot Readings Specializing in Custom Art & Commissions ( For Art Scroll down...)

Hi to my new tribe!!

Welcome to my Website!! I love you all and look forward to meeting you!! My name is Carolina Moon Beam a name that was given to me by my Grandfather. I am a Psychic Medium, Empath and Clairvoyant. My Gifts include Energy Reader, Channeling, Automatic Writing, Visions and Tarot Reader. I am an open channel for information from the past, present and future. My Mission is to bring messages of clarity to whatever situation you may be in. Just Ask! I intuitively channel messages from my spirit guide Josephine, spirit team, your guides, ancestors, loved ones who have passt and of course angels. I've had these gifts since childhood seeing "ghost" and hearing voices of people who passt on. I am sort of a Spirit Detective. CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU ALL!!

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Psychic Medium & Energy Artist Painter


Carolina Moon is best known for her mixed medium manipulation of inks and paints which allows her to choreograph designs in layers of resin adding depth and a 3D visual effect. She adds organic elements, crystals, recycled metal and glass making her work truly unique and customizable.

Her abstract pieces create a longing that will make you want to walk inside each piece with a desire to really dive deep into the spiritual journey that led her to each finished work of art. Carolina explains that in all the years of working with different mediums her desire to mix them together became a passion.  “Some of my best are born from pushing away the boundaries and discovering what comes next. I just let the energies guide as I channel the spirit through me"

Carolina Moon is a one of a kind artist utilizing all the tools of a medium artist but mixed in her own way making every piece especially unique.



Featured Piece of The Week


Mixed medium paints in resin with mica and ink presented on a gallery wrapped canvas is perfect for any home or office.

This piece was born out of the racial tensions of 2020. I felt the pain and injustice that so many souls in our world have felt and been dealt. The energy I channeled was angry and indignant. 

- Carolina Moon Beam


Seattle, WA




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Seattle, WA

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